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  • Festival Poésie Urbain

    Festival Poésie Urbain

    Excited to announce that I’ll be participating in the Festival Poésie Urbain in Grasse, France this coming week!   Alongside 12 other amazing artists, we’ll be...

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  • Rome, Italy

    Rome, Italy

    Last weekend I was invited for a live painting at the Uppercut festival in Rome, Italy. Grazie a tutti! Pictures by Gloria Viggiani  

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  • Coming to Rome, Italy

    Coming to Rome, Italy

    12th May Rome – Italy. Underground art is like a sudden punch, a cultural ‘Uppercut’ that rises from the streets of the suburbs to profoundly affect the future....

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    Next week I will be part of the group show 'Here and Now' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Curated by Chinny Bond and Tony van Amsterdam. Opening May...

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  • ‘PERSPECTIVES’ A Group Exhibition in Atlanta, USA

    ‘PERSPECTIVES’ A Group Exhibition in Atlanta, USA

    Great to be part of another group show in the USA. ABV's new show 'PERSPECTIVES' features over 60 artists from across the globe. Each artist will unveil new work within...

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  • Los Raros: New Narratives of Contemporary Collage

    Los Raros: New Narratives of Contemporary Collage

    Valladolid, Spain - A bold exploration of contemporary art arrives at the Municipal Exhibition Hall of La Pasión with the opening of "Los Raros/Las Raras: New Narratives of...

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  • 'Alphabet 2024'

    'Alphabet 2024'

    This print has been months in the making: Alphabet 2024 will be released in two editions.  Alphabet 2024 - Deluxe edition (Glow in the dark) and the...

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  • Artist Retreat in La Palma, Spain

    Artist Retreat in La Palma, Spain

    La Palma, you made me smile!  Last week was pure magic at the Yasha Young artist retreat. Surrounded by inspiring minds, delicious food, and endless sunshine, I...

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  • Interview on Twitter Space

    Interview on Twitter Space

    Last Friday, 5 April, I took the stage in Twitter Space to discuss the NFT Collection that I created together with AI artist Gene Kogan. I am super excited for this...

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  • Spring!


    The first three months of the year are generally the typical months to spend loads of time in my studio to prepare for exhibitions. Occasionally I feel a...

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  • The world of graffiti

    The world of graffiti

    Proud to be part of the book “The Wide World Of Graffiti" by Alan Ketz. Amazing collection of stories and images, provides a great sense of our culture....

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  • Paper Pixels

    Paper Pixels

    Announcement: NFT Collection by DOES & Gene Kogan We couldn't be more excited to introduce PAPER PIXELS, a new NFT Project by Gene Kogan, Digital DOES and

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