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  • Identity


    Letters remain the basis of my work from which everything originates. Each letter has an infinite number of elements that I can build on. These elements take on a life...

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  • Back to the streets

    Back to the streets

    After a long and intense period of detailed studio work I am drawn back to the streets. There I feel free, there I unwind and regain my creative strength. My...

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  • Portraits d’Artistes

    Portraits d’Artistes

    Happy to be back at Molitor in Paris, France for the group exhibition “Portraits d’Artistes”.   The opening will be on Wednesday, November 9 at Hotel Molitor (from 7 p.m....

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  • Exhibition in Milan, Italy

    Exhibition in Milan, Italy

    Happy to be part of the Pure.Art Temporary exhibition in Milan, Italy.  Come see a selection of my BRIQUE works in the venue of Brera. The Temporary Exhibition Room will run...

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  • Six by Six

    Six by Six

    Work in progress. I am creating four mini hand-cut paper collages and I am excited to be showing my new work at ABV Gallery’s next exhibition “Six By Six” in...

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  • MUZE


    Interview with AVROTROS art magazine MUZE about my transformation from professional football player to versatile artist.

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  • The day after

    The day after

    The day after the opening of my solo show ‘Clarity’ in Marseille, France I found some time to paint a quick piece.

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    Immerse yourself in this audiovisual art-film collection documenting DOES’ day-by-day creative process, and discover how the creation of his intricate collage work ‘Lotus’ comes together, cut by cut and frame...

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  • Nuit de la culture

    Nuit de la culture

    Last month I was invited to create a piece for ‘Nuit de la culture’ in Esch, Luxembourg. The piece was made in Hutterscheid, Germany and transported to his final destination....

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  • Opening night ‘CLARITY’ show

    Opening night ‘CLARITY’ show

    CLARITY 2022 With focus and a clear state of mind I’ve created ‘Clarity’. After spending months in my studio, cutting and pasting, the moment to reveal my creations finally arrived....

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  • Clarity: Collage Show 2022

    Clarity: Collage Show 2022

    After months for working, DOES is proud to reveal his new collage artworks during his ‘CLARITY’ solo show, hosted by Artcan Gallery, Marseille. If you have a chance, come and...

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  • From textile waste to art and couture

    From textile waste to art and couture

    A unique collaboration between artist Digital DOES and Ronald van der Kemp during Paris Couture Week Graffiti and fashion go very well together as proven by multidisciplinary artist Digital DOES...

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