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  • Interview on Twitter Space

    Interview on Twitter Space

    Last Friday, 5 April, I took the stage in Twitter Space to discuss the NFT Collection that I created together with AI artist Gene Kogan. I am super excited for this...

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  • Spring!


    The first three months of the year are generally the typical months to spend loads of time in my studio to prepare for exhibitions. Occasionally I feel a...

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  • The world of graffiti

    The world of graffiti

    Proud to be part of the book “The Wide World Of Graffiti" by Alan Ketz. Amazing collection of stories and images, provides a great sense of our culture....

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  • Paper Pixels

    Paper Pixels

    Announcement: NFT Collection by DOES & Gene Kogan We couldn't be more excited to introduce PAPER PIXELS, a new NFT Project by Gene Kogan, Digital DOES and

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  • Group show 'ONE BY ONE' Atlanta, USA

    Group show 'ONE BY ONE' Atlanta, USA

    Unveiling 'Drive': A New Canvas by Artist DOES in the 'ONE BY ONE' Group Show at ABV Gallery Excitement is building in the art community as...

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  • 100% Paper show in Paris, France

    100% Paper show in Paris, France

    Excited to announce my participation in the group show “100% Paper,” curated by the talented Hopare.5 rue Bailly, Paris, France 11th - 14th JanuaryOpening on Thursday,...

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  • 2023 - a trip down memory lane

    2023 - a trip down memory lane

    Days before Christmas DOES arrived home from Miami, USA, where he had a creative escapade in the vibrant streets of Fort Lauderdale in Miami,...

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  • Urban Block Miami, USA

    Urban Block Miami, USA

    I recently embarked on a creative journey that took me to the vibrant streets...

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  • Group show Reflections in Miami, USA

    Group show Reflections in Miami, USA

    Wyn 317 Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! A group show during Miami Art Week featuring some of the amazing artists that have exhibited their...

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  • Duo Show at WTC Art gallery

    Duo Show at WTC Art gallery

    My artwork, along with the artwork of beloved Chinese artist Wang Lijun, will be exhibited at WTC Art Gallery in the Hague, the Netherlands 🇳🇱. One of the pieces in this...

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  • Mural project in Linares, Spain

    Mural project in Linares, Spain

    I was invited to paint a mural during the 4th edition of the 23700 Arte Urbano Festival in Linares, Spain. The festival took place in the streets of the neighborhoods of Linares,...

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    We are thrilled to announce the DOES 3.0 website launch For years DOES worked on creating a digital...

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