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  • Amsterdam: Endless Perspectives | part 1

    Amsterdam: Endless Perspectives | part 1

    In April 2013 DOES returned to Australia to present ‘Endless Perspectives’, a new body of work aiming to capture graffiti’s transient nature. He displayed his journey both as an artist...

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  • Frontier: The line of style

    Frontier: The line of style

      In June-July 2012 Does was one of the artists selected to take part in Frontier – La linea dello stile. The other artists involved were Phase II, DAIM, Does, Honet, M-City,...

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  • Anti Graffiti

    Anti Graffiti

    This wall was tagged only hours after finishing. DOES had just left Melbourne and couldn’t come back to restore it. Sirum repainted the damaged parts and got rid of the tags...

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  • Between The Lines

    Between The Lines

    Following on from his successful ‘I Love Letters’ solo exhibition in Sydney, Does presented his second solo exhibition ‘Between the Lines’ in Melbourne. The show featured a variety of letter based digital, acrylic, marker and...

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  • I Love Letters

    I Love Letters

    In March 2011 Does presented his work during his first solo show at Lo-Fi Gallery in Sydney, Australia. As part of the exhibition, he painted the complete space black, he had work...

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  • Dieci Does

    Dieci Does

    Being part of the Ironlak Family since 2008, Ironlak awarded Does with his own colour and spray can in 2010. Does choose the pantone colour 1525 C, which could be...

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  • Bogota, Colombia

    Bogota, Colombia

    Two weeks ago I was in Colombia, where I visited the biggest HipHop festival in South America. “HipHop Al Parque”: 6 days of hardcore hiphop music, 50.000 visitors, tense atmosphere...

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