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  • Bizarre Beyond Belief

    Bizarre Beyond Belief

    Bizarre Beyond Belief (BBB) is a multi-faceted company based in Toronto, Canada dedicated to the brilliant, beautiful and bizarre. The company focuses on bringing creativity to the general public by running...

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  • Annual Group Show 2015

    Annual Group Show 2015

    From 12 December 2015 to 27 January 2016, the Original Dampkring Gallery in Amsterdam presented original artworks by the following 18 artists: Above, Chris Ahalt, Does, Eelco van den Berg, Hugo Mulder, Jaune,...

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  • Mr. Weiss

    Mr. Weiss

    Photo recap of Mr. Weiss exhibition in The hague, the Netherlands.

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  • Shoes Up

    Shoes Up

    Canvas 'Rendez Vous' in the latest issue of Shoes Up magazine from France.

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  • Hidden Gem

    Hidden Gem

    Chas, Mister, Zenk, Super-A and Does were asked to paint the complete inside of a 600 m2 warehouse in Eygelshoven, a small village in the most southern part of the Netherlands. Once...

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  • Case Maclaim x Does

    Case Maclaim x Does

    As part of The Hague Street Art Tour and ILH Festival 2015, Case Maclaim and Does were invited to paint a 10 meter wide canvas at Theatre aan het Spui, a...

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  • Solo Show Chicago

    Solo Show Chicago

    The exhibition titled ‘Transition’ featured Does’s most recent mixed media paintings on canvas, including large scale work up to 5.5 meters in length. Oliver Hild, Gallery Director, Maxwell Colette Gallery: “DOES’s latest body of work...

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  • Chicago Nights

    Chicago Nights

    A few days before the opening of his solo show ‘Transition’, DOES painted a mural at The Violet Hour in central Chicago. This hip cocktail lounge is exactly what you would expect...

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  • The Design Conference

    The Design Conference

    In May 2015 Does flew to Brisbane, Australia, to deliver a keynote speech at The Design Conference and to do a 20 meter wide mural at First Coat Art & Music festival in Toowoomba....

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  • Confused


    Does created five canvasses in the Confused series – two gold, one silver and two bronze. The first gold, silver and bronze canvas of this series now reside in a penthouse in...

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  • A Major Minority

    A Major Minority

    In 2015 1AM Gallery in San Francisco, USA, presented “A Major Minority”, a show curated by San Francisco-based artist Poesia, who is also the editor of graffuturism.com.    According to Poesia, urban art...

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  • Kicks To The Pitch

    Kicks To The Pitch

    In 2015 Does was interviewed by Kicks To The Pitch (KTTP), a hybrid creative force dedicated to the cultivation of all things soccer cool. The people at KTTP are football enthusiasts with their feet...

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