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  • Brick by Brick

    Brick by Brick

    For the opening of Zinc in Roermond, south of the Netherlands, DOES was asked to create a center piece on an indoor brick wall. After getting a sense of the general vibe...

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  • Yellow Wood

    Yellow Wood

    Work in progress in Sittard, the Netherlands.

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  • Blue Monday

    Blue Monday

    Good start of the week. Quick piece last Monday with Aryz from Spain.    Thanks Heerlen Murals.

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  • Hidden Gem

    Hidden Gem

    Chas, Mister, Zenk, Super-A and Does were asked to paint the complete inside of a 600 m2 warehouse in Eygelshoven, a small village in the most southern part of the Netherlands. Once...

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  • Chicago Nights

    Chicago Nights

    A few days before the opening of his solo show ‘Transition’, DOES painted a mural at The Violet Hour in central Chicago. This hip cocktail lounge is exactly what you would expect...

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  • The Design Conference

    The Design Conference

    In May 2015 Does flew to Brisbane, Australia, to deliver a keynote speech at The Design Conference and to do a 20 meter wide mural at First Coat Art & Music festival in Toowoomba....

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  • Wood 15

    Wood 15

    In the beginning of 2015 Chas and Does were asked to do a mural at the first indoor BMX and MTB park in Europe, WOOD15. WOOD15 is located in an old 6000 m2 Philips...

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  • ‘Our Journey’ in Dubai

    ‘Our Journey’ in Dubai

    In November 2014, as the people of the United Arab Emirates were gearing up to celebrate their 43rd year as a country, the Ironlak Family set off towards the Middle...

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  • Abandoned Monastery

    Abandoned Monastery

    The south of the Netherlands has a rich history that lives on in the many churches, chapels and monasteries. Some of these buildings have been abandoned, some are still being...

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  • Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge

    In November 2014 Does joined Belin, Smug, Sofles, Macs, Bonzai and Odeith in Baton Rouge for a mural project organized by Kevin Harris, Director of The Museum of Public Art.    The Museum...

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  • Clash Wall

    Clash Wall

    In May 2014, Amsterdam was the backdrop for the Converse Clash Wall series, which has taken place in various cities across the globe. This one was locally unique as it embodied the history...

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  • DOES does warehouse

    DOES does warehouse

    As part of the general theme ‘DOES does’ DOES is always on the lookout for interesting paint locations around the world.    In this video you witness how DOES ended up in Heerlen, a...

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